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1 minute of Silicon Fen : Jukedeck

A series focussing on Cambridge based startups.

Ada Lovelace, the one legitimate child of Lord Byron, and the first computer programmer, predicted that, one day, computers would be able to write their own original music. In 2015, Jukedeck launched announcing that it would do just that.

The technology doesn’t use loops or do any kind of remixing. Jukedeck runs an artificial intelligence that writes, note by note, entire, unique songs. You can even request certain genres and tones and the AI writes the music accordingly.


Have you ever seen a video that was taken down for infringing copyright? Jukedeck wants to help creators avoid having to license music — a process that is long, convoluted, expensive, and really, really boring. If you need music for an advertisement, a short movie, a YouTube clip or for background music, Jukedeck will create a song that you will then own.


Jukedeck has raised £2.5 million since 2015.

Cambridge Connection

The two founders are both Cambridge graduates and they founded their business in Cambridge before moving to London.

You can listen to the CEO rapping over some sick AI beat below.




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