Comment Spam Is Alive And Well On Medium

It surprised me but in retrospect it shouldn’t have.

Doug Green
Nov 5 · 1 min read
Image courtesy and Pixabay

I assumed this was something specific to the wider Net but that’s what you get for assuming (and yeah, I know about the ass of you and me in assume.) :-)

For the uninitiated, comment spam is when a reader comments on your post but also includes links to their posts or websites. Their objective is to pull readers to their own site — not to have a dialogue.

This looks something like

  • Nice article — I learned a lot.
  • New line: Link,
  • New line: Link,
  • New line: Link,

So what did I do with this comment spam?

I blocked them. Life is too damned short for spammers!

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Doug is a full time writer living on an island in the Kingston, Ontario, Canada region of the 1000 Islands in the summer and who-knows-where-you’ll-find-him-in-the-winter.

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