Update! Relaunch, new things, and beyond.

We’re going under construction. Image by 贝莉儿 NG from Unsplash.

This is Team Tabulit, and we’ve got some great news in store for you today.

We’ve now passed the two months mark in our Beta journey. We’ve learned a lot of things about where we need to improve, and what we need to do in order to make Tabulit the best that it can be. You, the readers, as well as the writers have given us some great feedback. Thank you for guiding us, and trusting in us.

That is why after two months, we’re going to wrap all of what we have learned and take a month to redesign and upgrade the site. Starting today we are going to stop uploading new stories. Starting May 1st, we are going to disable the token purchasing function. The we are going to relaunch the site sometime around the first week of June. We’re prospectively looking at June 8th as our day.

We’ll be introducing new features, as well as new titles to the site on that day. As we get closer to the relaunch day we will slowly reveal what those new stories will be and what new features can be expected. Stay tuned for that. We’ll be making regular updates on social media, as well as just random ramblings as well. We’re not going anywhere. Think of it as a store putting up a scaffolding around it, but still doing business (in a minimal sense).

Also, the site isn’t going anywhere either. It’s just taking a short break. Everything that you see now on the site will still all be there. You will be able to spend your tokens on stories, and you will be able to read those stories as much as you like. It’s just that if anyone wants to purchase tokens you’ll have to do it by May 1st, and then wait until we relaunch the site.

Before we finish off, we would like to thank you all for coming with us on this journey. The support we’ve received so far is unimaginable. You’ve made it possible for us to come this far by believing in our project, and by believing that we can make a better world for literature. Thank you all.