Story #22

The door slammed heavily.

They had built The Cage back in the 70s when he first arrived. It was the only thing they could think to do after what had happened. Even at the time it seemed ludicrous — you can’t just build a cage around a man — but it was the only solution they could see.

The eyewitnesses say that he simply appeared. Not in a particularly spectacular way, there was no loud bang, no puff of smoke, just one minute he wasn’t there and then one minute he was, sitting on a park bench.

What happened next is confused in the reports, but a lot of people died. They had sent people in to remove him but apparently they either killed themselves or each other. After that they quarantined off the area, temporarily at first but then more and more permanently until they had erected these walls.

Every day they send someone in to ask him why he is here and what he wants. Every day he said nothing. Until yesterday.

I looked up and could see the helicopters overhead, monitoring my progress through the perimeter.

He said he was waiting for someone. Me.

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