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How to Install / Use Homebridge Installation Service

Having a Homebridge is a necessity when adding non-HomeKit devices to Apple HomeKit. So, you can easily control your smart device using Apple Home App. It is also the number one solution for adding any smart home device to Apple HomeKit. However, installing Homebridge on your mac / PC is not an easy task. It has a somewhat complicated installation process, so you may need some help.

How to Install / Use Kodmy Homebridge Installation Service

If you’re here to find the Kodmy Homebridge installation service, click the button below to simply install the Kodmy Homebridge installation service.

Install Homebridge installation service

If you have no coding experience and no technical knowledge, it makes more sense to get help from third-party homebridge installation services like Kodmy. No matter what device you have, we can do wonders to help you when installing HomeBridge on your device. So, in this post, we’ll tell you why you should get this Hombridge installation service and How to install / use the Kodmy Homebridge Installation service.

In this article, you will learn:

  • What is the Kodmy Homebridge installation service?
  • How to install the Homebridge installation service?
  • What are the advantages of Kodmy Homebridge installation service?
  • Why should you get this homebridge installation service?
  • How much does it cost to get Kodmy Homebridge installation service?
  • Homebridge Alternatives

What is the Kodmy Homebridge installation service?

Kodmy Homebridge installation service is one of the best services provided by the Kodmy. Our Homebridge expert team at Kodmy help you to Install Homebridge, Install necessary plugins and make your Smart Home Device compatible with Apple HomeKit.

This service involves everything related to installing a Homebridge on your macOS, Windows 10, Linux, Ubuntu, or other. Many HomeKit users think about “installing Homebridge” as they have non-HomeKit compatible devices in their homes.

Kodmy expert team is a very active team, very knowledgeable and experienced in Home Automation. They’ll actively engage you and take care of everything related to Homebridge installation and HomeKit integration process for you. And they do all the things that you want to do when installing Homebridge. Also, you can ask anything from the Kodmy experts related to the Homebridge installation process.

Also, if you have enough technical knowledge and coding experience, you can install Homebridge yourself. Let’s see how to add Any Smart Home device to HomeKit.

Having trouble with installing Homebridge? or if you can’t install Homebridge correctly, maybe you can give up the idea of installing Homebridge. But, you must have Homebridge or any other third-party software and hardware solutions to add any incompatible devices to Homekit. This is where having a Homebridge becomes extremely important. Kodmy experts can help in this matter. But in this, you have to pay $29.99.

Request your installation →

Also, Kodmy has extensive experience in the work of installing homebridge, and any home automation task. If you want to install Homebridge on your mac / PC or whatever device you have, Kodmy will cover you.

Services provided by Kodmy experts:

  • Install Homebridge on your computer (Install Node.JS, Install homebridge and Homebridge UI, Start Homebridge service, Log into the Homebridge UI)
  • Install necessary plugins
  • Edit the configuration file
  • Run the plugin
  • Control devices on HomeKit

Before installing Homebridge, what you’ll need:

  • Computer running 24/7 before installing Homebridge on your PC
  • Terminal App
  • Remote Desktop contacts such as AnyDesk or any other remote desktop control

How to install / use Homebridge installation service?

You can use these methods to install the Kodmy Homebridge installation service.

01) Simply, you can scan the QR code to download the Kodmy Homebridge installation service

02) As the second method, you can send a request to Kodmy experts using the button below.

Request your installation →

After clicking the button above, you’ll see the Kodmy Homebridge installation request form. And, follow these steps to use this service.

Step 01: First, you need to fill out this form before getting the service from Kodmy.

Required information:

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Select your PC or OS (Windows, macOS, Ubuntu, Linux )
  • Select your device (Select your Brand , Select Device Category, Select your device)

Select your Device Brand

Select Device Category

Select your device

  • Book your time slot with us (Select your country / TimeZone, Select the date you wish to have a session, and confirm it)

Step 02: After filling out this installation request form, you can send a request simply using the Send Request button.

Step 03: Afterwards, you’ll be directed to the payment window and you can make your payment here. ($29.99).

Step 04: After making the payment, you’ll receive a confirmation email from Digital Product Delivery (DPD) service.

Step 05: Finally, the Kodmy team will contact you using Email or another form of communication method. We guarantee that we’ll contact you within 24 hours after making the payment.

What are the advantages of the Kodmy Homebridge installation service?

  • Affordable price — You can get Kodmy homebridge installation service at an affordable price. Pay $29.99 and you can get our service.
  • Quality service — Kodmy has a very knowledgeable and experienced team. So, we guarantee we provide quality service
  • Supportive team — They’re a very active and friendly team. So, you can get any support related to the Hombridge installation process.
  • Actively Engage — After making an installation request, they’ll contact you and do all the things using remote desktop control
  • A good option for those without coding experience and technical knowledge
  • Easily make any smart home device compatible with Apple HomeKit without any hassle

Why should you get this homebridge installation service?

Need expert help with installing Homebridge? Whether you haven’t installed Homebridge yet, are in the middle of it, or have issues with a finished installation process, our skilled experts are ready to help you. Because Kodmy has expertise in Smart Home Automation Technology, we always find the right balance between price and quality service so we can offer the best service for you.

There’s one more important benefit. When hiring an installation service, you know you won’t be left alone after the installation process is completed. You can be sure they will do all the tasks smoothly. Don’t be afraid to ask Kodmy team to help with your installation process.

Request your installation →

The number of people who own Apple HomeKit is growing year over year. You certainly want to connect your smart device to Apple HomeKit and control devices using Apple Home App. Some people might say that getting Homebridge installation service isn’t as important when we have other alternatives like HOOBS and Raspberry Pi. But if you have enough coding experience or technical knowledge, you can install it yourself. If not, you can get this service at an affordable price.

How much does it cost to get Kodmy Homebridge installation service?

The real cost here though, is the effort, time and hassle our Kodmy expert will have to spend on installing Homebridge. You can hire a third party installation service like Kodmy experts who understand your whole process. But. You have to pay $29.99. So, if your budget allows it, reaching out to a Kodmy team would be the best option.

Further, if you’re looking to leverage Home Automation technology, our best expert team is at your service. We provide Homebridge installation service so you can add your non-HomeKit device to Apple HomeKit or any other Home Automation service.

Homebridge Alternatives


HOOBS is the number one solution for Homebridge. It is plug and play hub and one of the hardware solutions to make any smart home devices compatible with Apple HomeKit.

Get HOOBS all in one for $241.99

02. Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is another Homebridge alternative solution. It is a small computer that runs on Linux. You can also add your non-HomeKit compatible devices to Apple HomeKit using Raspberry Pi.

Get Raspberry Pi for $153.92



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