15 Tough Interview Questions That You Will Face If You Want To Do Job at Netflix

If you want to work at Netflix then you might have to answer some tricky and tough questions.

Business Insider compiled some of the most difficult questions potential employees have been asked while interviewing for the video-streaming company via Glassdoor’s information about Netflix.

Basically, they have a culture in which they ask lots of questions regarding their company which could be difficult to memorize because they ask questions from every part from their organization.

Several years ago, Netflix published a synopsis of its management philosophy which was controversial because it had alack of vacation policy. Moreover, their attitude towards hiring only “outstanding” employees, and its culture of the workplace being”freedom and responsibility” which means not only managers but also employees, in the right context, can take a decision based on their work no matter what your department or work responsibility is.

Netflix’s interview questions will give you a run for your money and these questions are mentioned below:

  1. “How many cans of paint would you need to paint one wing of a 747?” — Marketing manager candidate
  2. “How would you build and test a metric to compare two Netflix users’ ranked lists of movie/tv show preferences?” — Senior data scientist candidate
  3. “What does the word empathy mean?” — Customer service representative candidate
  4. “How would you test the latest iPhone’s new antenna system?” — Senior QA engineer candidate
  5. “A customer calls and angrily tells you that they ordered Barney (or similar toddler show) for their kid. The kid can work the DVD player, and knows the Netflix envelope. When the movie arrived the kid grabs it and pops it in. Turns out it’s a slasher movie. What do you do?” — Customer service representative candidate
  6. “Given many input files which contains country name, shows and number of views for the shows in that country. Write a code to sort the shows by the number of views.” — Senior automation engineer, localization
  7. “Tell me something that you did in the past, but don’t want to do ever again.” — Engineer candidate
  8. “Who do you think is Netflix’s competitor and why?” — Creative coordinator candidate
  9. “What do you not like about Netflix’s company culture?” — Senior software engineer candidate
  10. “What’s your favorite TV show and movie, and how do you like to watch them?” — Senior software engineer candidate
  11. “How many people have you fired?” — Director of engineering candidate
  12. “Say the CEO stops by your desk and asks you whether or not we should go into an untapped market. How would you determine the size of the addressable market and the factors the Netflix should consider before deciding to enter the market?” — Senior financial analyst candidate
  13. “How would you determine if the price of a Netflix subscription is truly the deciding factor for a consumer?” — Market research analyst candidate
  14. “What would you do if you were the CEO?” — Partner product group candidate
  15. “How do you handle managing someone that is more than twice your age?” — Operations manager candidate
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