2048: the DIY open-source game console lets you build games while learning code

Creoqode, a London-based technology and design company designed a new DIY open-source game console that lets you develop the retro-style game while learning about coding. Dubbed as 2048, the name refers to its unusual screen, which is made of 2048 LED bulbs, placed in a matrix form.

The company has designed the system as a DIY. With the help of a series of tutorials and booklets, you’ll be able to develop games using a Mac or PC, whether you’re an experienced developer or just a folk with no coding experience.

Creoqode development board is powered by 2560 R3 processors and supports third-party sensors. It means you have the freedom to plug any type of sensor. It can be programmed using Arduino IDE software. The company has started a Kickstartercampaign with a £20,000 goal. You can preorder a unit for a pledge of £99 and the estimated shipping will be December 2016.


Soon after the game console starts shipping, the company plans to start a “Qode Share” community, whereby users can share and sell codes and games they’ve developed for the platform. Also, the company wants to organize tournaments and other championships based on the shared video games as the community grows.

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