2500 Employees of Sprint Are Suspended

The unexpected news just came in, though Sprint had earlier indicated such layoffs. A couple of months ago, Sprint had hinted that layoffs were coming in the organization. The company has recently suspended 2500 of its employees in one go. And, unfortunately most of those job cuts came from the customer care center.

About 574 of employees were from Sprint’s Overland Park, Kansas headquarters. A Sprint spokesperson told Reuters that this was in response to the trend of customers going online and using an app for their customer service rather than talking to an actual rep.

It is said that the layoffs are also part of an overall plan by Sprint and parent company Softbank to turn around the organization. It is losing ground to the other big three carriers in the US. Moreover, it is planning to reduce costs by as much as $2.5 billion this year.

Sprint Brand logo. (PRNewsFoto)

In November, in an interview with Re/Code, Sprint revealed that more extravagant benefits like private town cars for its executives have already been cut and employees would have to take out their own trash. It’s unclear as to whether there’ll be more layoffs in the future, but it does appear that the company is cutting costs any way it can.

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