850,000 euros for talent management software Intuo

Belgian startup Intuo received 850,000 euros from several investors. Intuo has developed a platform that enables organizations to manage their human capital.

The company’s co-founder Tim Clauwaert referred to the Nike + app to explain what exactly his business does.

“This app should be seen as a digital coach that tracks the performance of joggers, and helps improve them by motivating and offer training programs.”

He says,

“Employees used to exchange time for money, now they exchange skills for personal growth. Companies that can harvest this need for personal growth by linking it to their own business needs, are the ones that will thrive.”

Intuo makes a lot of things easier in a professional environment such as evaluate the central dashboard application, allowing companies to identify the skills and competencies of their employees.

Afterward offers education programs to do better justice to the talent of employees. This creates a win/win situation for both companies and employees, which can, therefore, grow a happy work environment.

Intuo, which made it to the second round of the Belgian startup acceleration program Telenet Kickstart powered by Idea Labs last year, (and thereby won a payment of 25,000 euros and a convertible loan of EUR 50,000), now has 850,000 euros from other investors including, Marc Boone, Alex Segers, and Anthony Brenninkmeijer, and the Participation Company Flanders (PMV).

The round capital should serve to further commercialize the software and to further expand the platform into an integrated suite of talent management. The latest version of Intuo thereby focuses on three dimensions, namely commitment, performance, and learning.

“Businesses must align personal growth with organizational goals: it allows talent to evolve with the company. And that’s where we differ with other tools in the market. We’re the only SaaS company, able to offer a full solution suite in the market.”

Clauwaert continues.

Intuo was founded in 2013 by Tim Clauwaert, Gilles Mattelin, and Philip De Smet. Initially, it was a start-up for an online learning platform but soon evolved the software into a talent management suite.