A few tips to become a professional screenwriter

Oftentimes, the best story was not written in over hundreds of pages, but in six words. It is “Baby shoes. For sale. Never worn” written by the brilliant writer Ernest Hemingway himself and even today people are following Hemingway’s practice, especially in the world of social media.

Hendrick Gin has announced the world about a short story writing competition asking for the best short stories written in three sentences only, the lesser the better.

There will be three judges, among which one of them is David Schneider- an actor and a writer himself who will be selecting 3 winning stories. The stories will be animated and subsequently broadcasted on different TV channels of Hendrick Gin.

Both of these individuals have decided to collaborate their resources for throwing this short story writing competition; whereas David at the same time, has decided to share some insightful ways of becoming successful in screenwriting.


As there is a limitation of 140 characters for tweets, use 100 or lesser of those that are concise as well as to the point. One must remember that there are only a few voracious readers in the world while the majority of them prefer to read either the title or the tweet first before deciding whether to read through the whole content or not.

Highly intelligent individuals have the ability to write the perfect message using the least number of words possible, David assured.


You know, one of the main reasons behind the Game of Throne’s success is its abrupt twists introduced in its plot by the Director of the show that leave them utterly baffled at the end of each season. The spin-off must be such that can defy all other predictions made by your viewers, but must not digress from the whole context.


Despite using as less number of words as possible that can highlight the actual message, but it must present all the essential information through the short but effective message. Instead of writing, “the man arrived at the scene in a sedan” opt for “the detective arrived at the crime scene driving his latest blue Ford Impala.”

Describing in color and maintaining specificity allows readers to vividly imagine the whole scenario; hence making it sound more plausible for others.


Once you have successfully completed a writing, make sure to reread your whole content, however, not on the same day. Get out of your comfort zone, breathe in fresh air or hang out with friends before returning to your piece.

In this way, you will be able to come up with newer and better ideas for restructuring your writings if needed. You will be surprised to find out plenty of mistakes that you may have had made accidentally, thus repelling the audience.


Lastly, you must know that it has been scientifically proven regarding anything you practice for 10,000 hours throughout your lifetime, you will become the best in it. And if you wish to be a successful writer, then you must practice writing and reading at the same time. Read anything you may come across, become a voracious reader and write down all the new things you have learned. You will soon start to feel an aura of positivity being radiated to your surrounding