A more human-like AI by Google!

Google AI called the “DeepMind” possesses the ability to self-educate itself using the existing data stored in the memory. This is truly a spectacular advancement of artificial intelligence- fused with Alphabet’s system, labeled as “Differential Neural Computer (DNC)”.

According to the researchers of DeepMind who stated,

“These models can learn from examples like neural networks, but they can also store complex data like computers,”

This neural computer primarily functions by using series of nodes interconnected among themselves; by stimulating certain portions of the computer for attaining specific tasks. The AI, in this case, will optimize these existing nodes for coming up with the perfect solution for attaining the outcome it wants to generate. This is perhaps the next generation of intelligence in machines the world may eventually witness.

The AI’s optimizing ability has the potential to be more accurate and efficient in the future.

DeepMind’s human-like intelligence was observed when the London’s underground public transportation system was provided in its system. Subsequently, the machine was able to show all the additional routes, including all the complexities involved among the routes, if any.

Google AI can now come to a reasonable and related solution by scavenging its existing data that does not require any programming from anybody. It seems the machine itself has its own brain and mind using which it defeated a human opponent at Go; a game with uncountable turns and combinations of turns.

The thought of DeepMind is mind boggling itself; however, the whole concept is scary too, thinking how a machine has the ability to comprehend various matters by itself. The concept of machine learning has reached a new level, it’s time for us to wait and find out what else is headed our way.

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