A Same-sex Couple’s Photo Posted for Valentine’s Day Upset Adidas’ Instagram Fans

On this Valentine’s day sports giant Adidas posted a female same-sex couple’s photowith the caption “The love you take is equal to the love you make,” on its Instagram account, but instead of getting a positive response it got more than 51,000 negative comments from Instagram users since the photo was published.

The image showed, a homo-sex female couple standing closely facing each other, though apart from the leg, the face didn’t appear on the photo, but it clearly defines a kissing posture which may have embarrassed people and got them upset.

On the other hand, as Instagram users posted so many terrible comments on this photo, Adidas’s social media team responded gently to them saying “No, this day is for LOVE. Happy Valentine’s Day,” with a kiss emoji when a person azemann, commented this “WTF ADIDAS???? THIS DAY IS FOR BOY AND GIRL, WHEN THEY ARE COUPLE. NOT FOR LESBIANS, STUPID ADIDAS,” with two added eye-rolling emoji.

Not only this, another Instagram user americanhero123 said “Shame on you adidas !!!! I’m going to Nike now”

Business Insider has reached out to Adidas with a solicitation for input about the innovative purpose behind the picture and the online networking reaction. Business Insider said that they’ll update their source article once they hear back.

A week ago, Adidas added another provision to its client’s agreement that expresses their sponsorships won’t be influenced by the off chance that they report they are gay, bi, or transgender, as reported by BuzzFeed News reported.

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