A second screen is missing in an early render of LG V30

In the past two years, two LG smartphones — the LG V10 and V20 were released with a double screen on the front. The successor to this unit LG V30 is reportedly not equipped with a second screen.

The new LG V20 has been available in the United States and some European countries since only a few weeks. The first rumors and details about its successor, however, is already diving all over, will probably not appear earlier than autumn 2017.

The usually well-informed tech insider Evan Blass claims to have an early render, in which the design of the new LG V30 is visible. Blass indicates that in this early render, only one display is visible.

The LG V10 and V20 LG were just known for this second elongated display that was placed above the regular display of the device. This second screen acts as a kind of news ticker in which notifications appear. but also, for example, displays playback controls while watching a video.

The LG V10 and V20 are among the most comprehensive handsets in the smartphone portfolio by LG. However, their second screen was considered somewhat strange by many people. LG introduces a high-end smartphone every half year that is suitable for all markets. The LG V20 is a device that is not received enthusiastically equally in all markets due to its second screen. This might lead the V30’s not having two screens.