Affordable Xiaomi smartphones will be in the US market soon

It seems in the near future consumers can purchase Xiaomi’s smartphones from the US market. Recently, Xiaomi’s head of global expansion and the former Google employee Hugo Barra had an interview with Bloomberg where he cited that “We’re looking forward to entering the U.S. market sometime in the near future.”

Well, the Chinese tech giant Xiaomi has been selling many of its tech products in the US market but apart from Xiaomi’s smartphone devices and that is why most probably, Barra has hinted that he is looking forward to the US market because in a while he mentioned in the interview with Bloomberg that as of now Xiaomi offers various tech items in the U.S market but no mobile devices at all.

Furthermore, Barra also shared one more thing in the interview that at the beginning of October this year a device which has already been announced would be available in the USA market. Therefore, bets are particularly on two of Xiaomi’s devices, it can be the new Mi Notebook Air laptop or it can be the Android TV-powered Mi Box because just a few months ago in May Xiaomi officially announced its Mi Box in the USA.

However, along with the USA Barra also keeps his eyes on the Indian market and the reason is that Xiaomi has a successful mission with doubling its business share in the Indian market within a short period of time.

Oh, one thing needs to be mentioned, that Barra didn’t yet fix the launching date of its smartphones in America but it will be soon.

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