AIs secretly exchanging messages between themselves

Sending encrypted message is an old practice we often carried out while we were still attending schools. The underlying purpose of encryption is to ensure that nobody else is able to figure out the meaning of a letter without the intended recipient. As a result, one must be aware of the rules for disintegrating an encrypted message before understanding it.


Google’s AI has given birth to multiple other AIs and these entities are also secretly communicating with each other. Their messages remain encrypted, hence making it impossible for users (human) to understand them.

The whole Google Brain project is an initiative to deep learning techniques mainly comprising of three distinct neural networks (Alice, Bob and Eve).
These neural networks are simpler versions of our actual human brain; however, they are slowly turning more intelligent and able to self-elucidate themselves.


Alice is responsible for creating simple encryption to collaborate with Bob to design keys. The keys, in turn, assist Bob in deciphering the encrypted messages transmitted by Alice. Eve is responsible for unraveling the meaning of messages.

One highly significant aspect of the neural network is that it’s capable of learning and improving itself, which is starkly similar to humans. In the beginning, these networks were unable to decipher the encryption, but Alice improved gradually.


Only an AI will be able to understand the meaning of another AI’s messages, and that’s exactly how it is going to guarantee maximum security. As a result, hacking is going to get awfully mind boggling for human hackers.

However, we are inventing something that has its own cognitive senses. Perhaps it could plan and strategize situations that we may be completely unaware of until something massive breaks out.

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