Amazon now focuses on VR and may include movies and games in it says its Job description

While Google, Samsung, and others are competing in the tech business with virtual reality, then why would the online retailer giant Amazon lag behind, according to a new job post description on LinkedIn which clearly indicates that now Amazon is looking very deeply into VR projects.

Particularly, the post is looking for a software development manager to lead a virtual reality team where its description has defined in a nutshell that Amazon is searching for an exceptionally qualified hopeful with involvement in filmmaking or computer game development, proposing the organization could be keen on making VR computer games. It additionally notes arrangements to make inventively blended reality experiences which could conceivably keep running on enlarged reality gadgets like the Microsoft HoloLens.

In addition, Hulu and Netflix as of now give comparable services, which generally offer a virtual screening space to watch custom 2D recordings. Maybe, Amazon’s intention is to do a little more extra than them focusing on movie related activity.

However, with this plan, if Amazon surges in the market with its VR project then undoubtedly others VR companies will also be alerted to extend their VR notion in order to sustain in the VR market.

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