Amazon to Bring an Education Platform Offering Learning Materials

Earlier this month, Amazon quietly released the Amazon Education Wait List following in the footsteps of Google and Apple. Through this website, educators could sign up for more information about an upcoming revolutionary platform.

“The future of education is open,” the landing page for the wait list reads. “Someday soon, educators everywhere will have free and unlimited access to first-class course materials from a revolutionary platform. Get on the wait list to be notified when the platform is available for all schools and classrooms!”

It looks like Amazon is taking TenMarks, the online math instruction company that it acquired in 2013 to get a foothold in the online education system. Also, there is a possibility that it is linked to another project named “Amazon Inspire” that the company has been promoting quietly. The name was first made public at the National Conference on Education of the AASA (the U.S. school superintendents’ association) in February-reported by Education Week.

Andrew Joseph, co-founder of TenMarks and now VP of strategic relations for Amazon Education explained Inspire during a session called “Transitioning to OER” at that event. According to him, the project was already being tested with some schools and would be coming up more users in the coming months.

“We’ve made a commitment that we will never charge for this,” Joseph said while giving the presentation.

There are not many details about that project. However, Amazon has a plan to allow educators to upload, manage and share education materials through the service. It’s still not sure whether it will be free or not, but it’s definitely a great step to provide education online being a bookseller at its heart that already has students and teachers as customers.

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