Amazon’s new X-ray vision feature on its app can check what is inside the packages

This is obviously a huge advantage for Amazon’s clients that from now without opening the Amazon delivery package clients can check out what is inside the package because recently the online retailer giant Amazon has added a new feature called “X-ray vision”on its iPhone app. It lets you check out what’s inside without opening the Amazon delivery box.

Well, it is very simple to check out the products like if you have the most recent variant of Amazon’s iOS application then you just need to tap the camera symbol from the app by the searching bar and selecting “Package X-Ray” then it will show you what is inside the package, however, at the moment though Android users are missing this facility but we hope that very soon Amazon will add its smart app on Android store for its Android clients.

However, this smart X-ray vision feature is particularly useful for the numerous orders at once. Like if you place multiple orders together on Amazon and then when the delivery knocks on your door, you can easily check out which box contains which product, seeing them through this X-ray vision feature.

Amazon’s Black Friday deals are already going on until Christmas, as the company stated a few days ago, so, don’t miss out on the best Black Friday deals, and check them out using Amazon’s new X-ray vision feature when the delivery comes to your door.

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