And this is how I ensure security to my private domain

We care for your safety and security; as a result, we have listed down the best high tech home gadgets that you can install in your beautiful home so that you can stay outside without worrying about any possibility of security breaches.


This modern day security camera has the ability to stream 1080p video to your smartphone when you are away from your home. This also enables you to interconnect your Nest Protect and Thermostat devices with your Nest Cam if you have already acquired them for security purposes.

By paying a small amount of subscription fee, all your video footages will be directly stored in the cloud system for 30 days, hence, you will also be able to identify the thief that may have had stolen something from your garage.


This is not only a camera but also a highly sensitive motion detector with the ability to send video footage of your house instantly if it can detect the presence of anything queer activities within your private residence. You can trigger the alarm for notifying the police.

Moreover, it also has the ability to calculate the level of humidity and room temperature allowing you to learn the environmental conditions of your home.


Even if you have forgotten to take the keys to your lock securing the main entrance to your household, worry not, as august smart lock uses your smartphone’s Bluetooth for unlocking as you stand near the lock. Its application also enables you to find out whether or not you have properly locked your house and if you have your friends coming over, you can also remotely unlock this device without making them wait till your arrival.

Fear not as this lock can also be opened using its keys, especially when your smartphone runs out of juice.

The above are all time favorite high tech home gadgets upon which you can blindly trust for the safety and security of your beautiful private residence that you go back to after a long and arduous day.

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