Apple Includes ‘Live Tune-In’ Feature in Fourth-Generation Apple TV

Long before the fourth generation, Apple TV was launched, there were rumors Apple wanted to include live television streaming as part of its span. Though we haven’t seen the flagship feature yet, we are actually creeping nearer and nearer to it. On Friday, the fourth-generation Apple TV owners were welcomed with an upgraded “What’s New” splash screen, promoting “Live Tune-In.” This new feature allows users to jump straight into the live TV feeds of select apps.

According to the splash page for tvOS 9.2, now you can use Siri to tune into live segments in supported apps. For now, the CBS, Disney XD and ESPN apps are the ones specified, however apparently more apps are going to bolster the component later on. But It’s not known how many apps will support the technology. Regardless, a viewer should as of now be subscribed to the service being referred to.

“Ask Siri to start watching a live channel in one of the supported apps, such as CBS, Disney XD, and ESPN. Try saying ‘Watch CBS’ or ‘Watch ESPN live’”

Apple wrote in the official on-screen instructions.

Live Tune-In feature would let an Apple TV user quickly switch between live channels — like a user treats a regular TV.