Apple is working hard to make you sleep well

Staring at the glowing screen of your computer at night is quite harmful to your eyes. Also, it can keep you up longer than expected. In 2009, a small company named f.lux released an app that reduces the amount of blue light, giving the entire screen a yellow hue in the evenings. Last year Apple added a feature called Night Shift on iOS, which is basically a copy of f.lux. And the great news is this feature is coming to macOS.


First spotted by MacRumors, the Night Shift feature will be only available in the latest beta version (the macOS Sierra 10.12.4 beta). Though the beta is currently available only to developers, Apple will soon make this available to the public. The beta version can be downloaded from the Apple Developer Center or the software update mechanism in the Mac App Store.


This feature will bring relief to most of the fans of the type of blue light reduction first popularized by f.lux. Being a fan favorite on almost every platform, the f.lux app was removed from the Apple App Store in the mid-2016. With the Night Shift feature, macOS user will finally get to sleep better. f.lux is currently available for Windows, Linux, and Android.

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