Apple may soon pull Phoney, everyone’s favorite iMessage sticker packs from App Store

It looks like Apple has personal issues with fun. The company is planning to pull the Phoney app from the App Store, just after a week it has approved it. Adam Howell, creator of Phoney said in a Medium post that Apple has told him to change the app entirely before this Thursday; otherwise, it’ll be pulled from the store.


Last Friday, Apple approved this app called Phoney, a sticker set, which replaces your friend’s blue text message bubbles with a fake and funny phrase. The app comes with 28 phrases, such as “You’re so smart,” “Your sports team is better than my sports team,” and “Oops I just pooped myself.”

After launching on Monday, the app gained so much popularity and hit the #1 Top Paid in the iMessage App Store. Despite they approved it initially, Apple is now saying that Phoney violates Apple’s trademarks and the store doesn’t approve prank apps.

The problem is Phoney is using the San Francisco typeface and the stickers are designed to look like blue iMessage bubbles. Apple gave Howell one week to rectify this issue and the software itself is not to be marketed as a “prank” app. also, the company told him to redesign the text bubbles to resemble something along the lines of “comic book cartoon bubbles.”

Howell wrote in his Medium post that this change will completely break the concept of the sticker app, adding that he is pretty confused about what to do. One option is to let this app get pulled, so people who already have it can enjoy it as it is, or update it so that he can continue to sell it. “I’m honestly not sure what I’m going to do,” Howell writes. “Neither option is good.”

The concept of the app is quite interesting and it’s no surprise that the people are onto it. However, in these circumstances, it looks like there’re a few times left for the people to see something like this in iMessage.