Apple Needs to Help FBI for Unlocking An iPhone

Apple is going through a tough time, I reckon. It has been quite a long time that Apple is struggling with allegations after allegations. For a murder taking place in last year December 2nd, FBI complained that they were unable to unlock the shooter’s iPhone. Today the Associated Press reports that a US magistrate judge has directed Apple to help the FBI find a way in.

The NBC News said that the model in question is an iPhone 5c, but Apple has said that at least as of iOS 8 it does not have a way to bypass the passcode on a locked phone. But that is not all for Apple. In another case, the company is awaiting a ruling about unlocking an iPhone for the police, as authorities continue to insist encryption is standing in their way.

According to the ruling by Magistrate Judge Sheri Pym, a former federal prosecutor, Apple needs to supply highly specialized software the FBI can load onto the county-owned work iPhone to bypass a self-destruct feature, which erases the phone’s data after too many unsuccessful attempts to unlock it. The FBI wants to try different combinations in rapid sequence until it finds the right one.

Back in 2013, Apple did unlock iPhones upon law enforcement’s request. This time, it remains to be seen if the company can or will return to that state. Apple has five days to respond to the request for the recent murder case. We will have to wait to see how it responds.

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