Apple to Sell a Bright Yellow iPad Pro

Apple’s hardware designs have at times been compared to museum-quality pieces. And now Apple’s design chief is utilizing that repute to help a well-known museum. The company made a bright yellow iPad Pro for a charity auction at London’s Design Museum.

The Design Museum of London has teamed up with auction firm Phillips in a bid to raise cash for a move from the Thames waterfront to Kensington. The specially-designed, 12.9-inch iPad Pro and its accessory set are made by Jony Ive and his team at Apple.

“Jony Ive showed a prototype mobile phone at the Design Museum in 1990, long before he started working for Apple,”

reads the auction item description.

“He was the winner of the museum’s first ‘Designer of the Year’ award in 2003 for the iMac. To support the museum, he and his team in Cupertino have designed this special iPad Pro in a unique colour numbered Edition 1 of 1.”

The set includes a stand-out yellow-gold iPad Pro, a blue leather iPad Smart Cover and also an orange Apple Pencil holder, a thing Apple doesn’t right now offer in any shading. The assessed cost for these irregular things is typically high — in the middle of £10,000 and £15,000, or approximately $14,200 and $21,300 for the set. That would make it the costliest iPad ever.

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