Apple to Unveil a New iPad Air 3 in March with Pencil Support

Apple is reportedly planning to unveil a 9.7-inch screen “iPad Air” model with Pencil support at an event in mid-March.

This new iPad will probably be called the “iPad Air 3,” and will be launched alongside the new 4-inch iPhone 5se and a series of new Apple Watch models.

The company right now wants to hold its keynote during the week of March 14th, however, the final date is still in flux.

This new iPad upgrade would stamp the primary redesign to the middle iPad screen size since October 2014. This past fall, Apple brought a noteworthy upgrade to the “iPad mini” and presented the bigger “iPad Pro.”

An unofficial outline schematic for the new iPad Air 3 shows the capability of a rear-facing LED flash for improved photographs in low-light circumstances and extra speaker grills to better match the sound quality of the iPad Pro.

According to sources. Apple has likewise been testing versions of the 9.7-inch iPad Air panel that support the Apple Pencil input.

At present, the iPad Pro is the only device that is compatible with Apple Pencil.

Not long ago, Apple showed that iPad sales have fallen fundamentally year-over-year, dropping 25% from the prior year’s quarter. The absence of a redesign to the most prevalent iPad model, the Airline, likely contributed somewhat to this drop. A striking redesign to the 9.7-inch iPad is a piece of Apple’s objective to expand iPad deals this year.

The company is additionally testing another version of iOS with a Classroom application that will help sell more iPad hardware to schools around the world, and a sneak peak of the software will come with the upcoming iOS 9.3 updates.