Apple TV Has An Easy Picture-in-Picture App

It will not be wrong if I say a subscription TV service is not enough for an Apple TV. Developer Steven Troughton-Smith has made an app for the device with picture-in-picture support that looks right at home on tvOS. He has also come up with the iPad split-screen multitasking way before the company started offering it.

TVOS, an iOS offshoot that finally brings apps and a dramatically redesigned interface to the Apple TV. Gone are the simplistic black background and app interfaces. Instead, tvOS is all about bright colors and visually rich apps.

This picture-in-picture app for Apple TV is not yet built in the TV we can’t imagine official support for this will be too many software revisions away.

The new Apple TV offers the most refined streaming interface yet, with a remote that’s a step ahead of the competition. Its voice search actually works well, and even at this early stage, there are plenty of worthwhile apps and games. If you need 4K though, look elsewhere. The new Apple TV seems built to take on conventional cable and satellite TV bundles for streaming live channels, but for now owners can expect to navigate a segmented experience of different apps, often with their own logins.

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