Apple Watch is Fragile, Handle with Care

Did you just throw $349 from your wallet to buy the Apple Watch with Sapphire Crystal Display? Well, you are in trouble because Apple Watch is FRAGILE and you have to handle this with care! Apple watch is not only a gorgeous piece of hardware, but it also makes sure that it will cost you more when you have to protect it, hilarious! $349 or $10,000 Apple Watch, you have to handle with care!

This is just the first generation Apple Watch. Will you buy the second generation watch to get the ultimate agility? This is Apple’s best method to make you buy the next gen as well. So, how do you handle your Fragile Apple Watch with care? The accessories can keep the watch safe and sound! Yeah, now you got the point? Buy the hilarious screen Protector and watch cover!


If you did not have the iPod Touch 2nd-4th generation, then you cannot fathom the words I have been telling you from the beginning. The stainless steel edition is the scratchiest device Apple has made so far. Better you buy the sports one, it has a beautiful matte finish.

The Apple Watch Sport has a matte anodized finish, more like current iPhones, and it makes scratches a lot less obvious. Though the display might not be the Sapphire Crystal, but ION-X glass. Seriously Apple? Will you ever try to stop these confusing mechanisms?


Screen Protector for a watch? Well, it is hilarious and disheartening that now you have to put a screen protector on your Apple watch; as I said, Apple Watch is Fragile. Now this is for the Sports version. Because it has been tested with different sharp knives, and only the Sapphire Crystal display survived. Well done, Apple!


Imagine you are buying watch cases for the $10 Grand watches. This kind of accessory will protect you from most scratches while also offering some impact resistance, soaking up the force of a collision with the ground, rather than leaving the watch itself to hack it. You can find different Watch Cases here!


Apple Watch has different potentials for the software issues, and it has the best way to communicate with your iPhone and different meetings and other stuff. But Apple should have provided sturdier hardware features and design. For the ultimate solution, wait for the Apple Watch 2.

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