Apple’s solution for not losing the Airpods!

Losing a pair of Airpods worth of $160 is no joke; moreover, by completely removing the chord and turning the device fully Bluetooth connected, it is highly likely of users for losing either one or both of them.

The Wall Street Journal stated the upcoming iOS 10.3 update will feature a brand new function called “find my AirPods”, included with the existing “Find My iPhone” application.


The Airpods are not equipped with built-in GPS, but Apple can only assume the current location of your lost Airpods judging by the last time in proximity to its Bluetooth range. A map will clearly plot the location of your tiny, yet precious devices, which is quite similar to any lost iPhone.

Courtesy The Wall Street Journal


Now, what happens when someone can’t find one Airpod? Fortunately, if it’s located within the range of its Bluetooth and is sufficiently charged then you can make it ring a sound to help you find it.

However, I am still unsure about how Apple is going to help finding lost Airpods that have run out of juice or are lost and slowly lagged behind the Bluetooth connection. We can only wait to find out more.

Nonetheless, I find the latest feature more feasible than spending $69 for buying a single Airpod and I find it queer of Apple for not launching this update earlier. If you’re also concerned about somebody else stealing them, put them inside a dental floss.

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