Ask Anything to Homer as He Will Appear Live in the Upcoming “The Simpsons”

Yes! It’s happening. After 27 seasons Homer Simpsons will appear live for the first time ever during a new episode of Fox’s “The Simpsons” airing Sunday, May 15.

In this episode, the show will shift its focus from Bart, Marge and Lisa to Homer, the family’s patriarch, who will be busy commenting on the day’s news and answering the fan’s questions rather than stuffing his mouth. How’s that possible? Executive producer Al Jean told TheWrap about how they are planning to pull this off.

Using motion capture technology in the final three minutes, they will animate actor Dan Castellaneta, the great voice of Homer, in real time. According to Jean, the team will find some interesting ways to make it live while Castellaneta will be busy providing on-the-fly voiceover.

Their mission has been reinvigorated by “Grease: Live” though the idea has been around for a while. You must be thinking what others will do as Homer is the only one who will be live. Jean assured that others will also be in the scene and “have stuff to do.”

If you want to get involved, you can tweet your question using hashtag #HomerLive starting from May 1 to May 4. and as Jean is hoping for varieties of questions about “topic of the day,” it is possible that 80 percent of the queries will be about Donald Trump.

“That’s probably true,” Jean admitted. “And with Trump, I’m sure he’ll do something that day to merit [mentioning].”

So, if you are not satisfied watching the old episodes and searching memes of his quote, just log into Twitter and tweet your question during the timeline.

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