Astronauts Making Skype Calls with HoloLens

Now that the astronauts are spending a huge amount of time in space, they need to communicate with the people living back on earth with the help of internet and VoIP calls. For holographic instruction manual, International Space Station needs HoloLens headsets.^tfw

The augmented reality headset (HoloLens) is there as part of an experimental project that gives crews a helping hand without having to flip through thick manuals or stay on the radio. Someone on the ground can use Skype to not only offer voice directions during repairs, but draw notes at the moment they’re relevant. They’ll also get animated visuals on top of real-world objects, showing them how to complete less-than-obvious tasks.

According to Victor Luo, the technical lead of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab, such a HoloLens headset was certified earlier for use on the Weightless Wonder C9 a number of times to ensure it would work in a zero-G environment. For making first Skype call from the outer space, astronaut Scott Kelly used it to mission control and was over Skype for about two hours.

It was an amazing experience for Kelly as the conversation through video calling went pretty smoothly. In that relatively short timeframe, Kelly could tell it was tech that could be used immediately. The video record will help you see what exactly it was to be communicating via Skype from the outer space.

You can jokingly say that Skype was lucky to be able to reach Kelly and other astronauts in the outer space.

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