Bad News for the Users of Windows PC

The US Homeland Security has urged all the users of Windows Microsoft PCs to uninstall Quicktime video player after the top cyber security forces have detected 2 new bugs existing in this software.

According to the Trend Micro, a security company has announced in one of its latest blog posts that Apple Inc. will no longer be releasing any updates related to security for Quicktime on Windows.
The company stated that these bugs will activate only when the users of PC find themselves on a compromised website or a hacker’s snare!

According to the security company, they do not have any proofs relating to the implementation of these bugs in real scenarios; on the contrary, Quicktime on Mac does not indicate the presence of such destructive bugs.

The US Homeland Security has issued a warning to all users of Windows on Thursday, saying that each and every user of Windows PC is susceptible to viruses and various forms of bugs due to the presence of these flaws manifesting in its system software.

According to them, the only remedy is to completely delete the software from the PC.

No further comments were posted by Apple Inc.; however there are complete instructions related to how to uninstall Quicktime on Windows PC available on the web page.

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