Barbie Gets a Hoverboard and Smart Home

On Saturday, at the 2016 International Toy Fair in New York City, Mattel — the famous toymaker company — unveiled a new model of Barbie fully equipped with the high-end technology. It is now officially part of the Internet of Things (IoT), having a spanking new hoverboard and a refurbished Dreamhouse.

The company replaces Barbie’s notorious pink convertible with a 21st-century grown-up toy — a hoverboard. Barbie’s new Star Light Adventure RC hoverboard drone really hovers over the ground, suspending the doll mid-air on a drone and is controlled via a remote control.

The Hello Barbie Dreamhouse has also seen huge changes with technological advancements that make it 21st century-like. It received the latest trend that is certainly going to wind up being a Real Thing — voice activated smart home commands. For example, fans can now interact with her smart home and give it voice orders.

Pressing a button built into the floor of each room “wakes up” the area so it knows you’re ready to play. The fireplace will turn on if the living room button is activated. This is how the room knows when Barbie is nearby and can react accordingly.

Barbie’s proprietors will have the capacity to control her lift, turn on the lights, turn on the oven and get started on a meal, or have the house go into various pre-set modes of play — hang out, party and fun. Activating party mode makes the lights flash on, the chandeliers spin and the stairs turn into a slide.

The Dreamhouse bolsters Wi-Fi, interfaces with different apps and comes outfitted with voice recognition features, giving youngsters a more life-like experience connecting with the house.

The new Barbie Dreamhouse will hit the market this fall and have a price tag of $299.

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