Become a Programmer if you want to be rich!

Ever wondered how much the computer programmers around the world are making every day? The answer heavily relies on the programming language one is practicing. In this article, we have listed down all the highest paid computer programming languages for narrowing down the choices for those who want to pursue programming.

And the makers of the most popular programming languages are here:

The above picture shows Python programming can be a lucrative choice for anybody that may want to pursue programming. It’s a great way to start earning some big money initially, however, it may eventually diminish in the long run.
On a safer note, by learning various types of computer programming languages the salary range is bound to expand with greater job security.


Quartz has incorporated every relevant data from the Brookings Institution; the programming languages mentioned have the ability to boost anybody’s career; choosing any from the list of highest paid computer languages.

Courtesy QUARTZ

Furthermore, the diagram above shows the existing demand of jobs by looking at the number of days for filling a position.
Meanwhile, non STEM jobs (Science, Tech, Engineering or Mathematics) remain open for 33 days, whereas, a STEM job that requires a degree holds vacancy for 50 days.

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