Beta Testing Experience Could Be Better With This New Google Play Store

For developers, it’s very important to test their apps as much as possible before it’s going to be released to the public. It becomes more vital when it comes to Android apps as this platform supports such a huge variety of device ranges and versions at any given time. Albeit it’s not difficult to beta test an Android app, the process involves some back and forth between the developer’s website, Play Store, and the app’s Google Plus beta community.

However, testing apps will be much easier thanks to Google. The company is rolling out a Play Store update (version 6.7) that allows you to join or leave Android betas right from the app listing page, thus making it far more convenient for you. While you’re beta testing, the listing in the Play Store will tell you whether it’s a beta version or a private unpublished version which is unavailable to the public. You will be able to leave feedback for these apps, which won’t be shown publicly, but the developer will be able to see it.

The new version of Play Store makes everything much simpler than before. There’s a new sign up form that allows you to join the beta with one tap. Unfortunately, some beta tests still require you to join a Google Plus community, but this option completely depends on the developer. Android Police reports, there are still some bugs needed to be fixed. Hopefully, these will be fixed before they are publicly released.

This new update should allow developers to easily test their apps and new features. Also, testers won’t have to wait for hours to try them because of the reduced friction. It’s not sure when Google will kick off the full roll out, but you can grab the installer from APK Mirror if you want to try it for yourself.

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