Bored? Let’s chat with Albert Einstein via Facebook Messenger

Selene Kyle
Apr 23, 2017 · 2 min read

Facebook Messenger isn’t only for those who like to chat and share their thoughts with friends and family. It could be a useful tool for the nerds too. A chatbot on Messenger named Genius is letting the users engage in a text with Albert Einstein. You can explore the details of his life and accomplishments which mean instead of just being cool Facebook Messenger could be an educative tool sometimes.

Aimed to promote National Geographic’s latest show “Genius,” a show about the life of Albert Einstein that is going to launch n April 25, this chatbot will give you the constant glimpse of the upcoming show. You’ll get references to the show and a March of Science, which is happening this weekend on the National Mall in D.C.

During a conversation with this genius, I came to know what truly mesmerize him- the imaginative aspects of physics. He believes imagination is more important than knowledge, thus suggested me expand my imagination.

Well, it’s not that I got to know everything about him, but this conversation gave me a basic idea about him, his love for science. Also, the way he explained his love for music, it knocked me out. So, if you think you’re so bored and want to try something new and educative, connect with this chatbot on Messenger and have a wonderful conversation with Albert Einstein.

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