Chrome Cleanup Tool only Prevents Software Unwanted by Google

Google updated the browser chrome’s cleanup tool. Chrome cleanup tool has been a mild addition to catch the severe viruses jumping around the web. Unwanted software cause harmful effects like abnormalities in browser redirecting to specific pages never searched for. The Recent update made three changes in chrome cleanup to eradicate and indicate.

Hijacked setting detection

Extensions are

one of the most useful features found on Chrome. Though some extension installations change user settings without any notice. This leads to confusion about the source of the problem. Chrome cleanup tool will do the task to notify before making any changes to settings.

Simpler Chrome Cleanup

Updated cleanup tool detects unwanted software that comes along. During software downloads, it tags along with some unnecessary stuff or so-called software.

The cleanup tool recognizes and offers a quick way to remove those.

Improvised Power

Google teamed up with ESET renowned IT security company. Chromes sandbox technology to separate untrusted programs merged with ESET detection engine. Makes it more powerful to identify untrusted sources of programmes and codes.

Google chrome clean up tool might be a good addition. But it isn’t all you need. It only removes that falls under Google’s Unwanted Software Policy. It can’t substitute licensed general purpose antivirus. Still, it comes free with the pack. Even a stick might help when roaming in a jungle full of spiders.

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