Corning unveils SR+ glass for smartwatches

Prior to the IFA in Berlin, Corning, the US producer of display glass — known as Gorilla Glass — presented a new type of glass that is specially designed for wearable devices such as smartwatches.

Most of the expensive smartphones today in stores are equipped with Gorilla Glass from the American company Corning.Besides smartphones, Corning will now also focus on the development and production of glasses for wearable devices such as smartwatches. Prior to the IFA today, Corning unveiled a new type of glass named SR +.

In many ways better than Sapphire

The SR + Glass shares many positive properties of sapphire glass that is currently used in all luxury watches. Sapphire glass is extremely scratch-resistant but has the disadvantage that it is very fragile when it’s dropped on larger surfaces. According to Corning, SR + is up to 70 percent more resistant, for example, to the impact against an object or fall to the ground of similar materials.

In the case of most smartwatches, readability is a challenge in bright conditions because of the colorful display. The SR + glass from Corning provides about 25 percent less reflection in order to increase the legibility of small screens of smartwatches.

Soon in the first smartwatches

Corning has announced that its SR + glass will be used for the first time in wearable devices by smartphone manufacturers this fall. Chances are some smartwatches will be equipped with this new type of display glass during the IFA.

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