Customize Your Nexus Phone’s Live Cases with Photos or Google Map

Google is going to give you the chance to customize a case for your Nexus phone. The company’s new “My Live Case” program allows you to upload a picture and that will be then paired with a companion wallpaper for a personalized look to have it made into a case.

That’s not all, Google says maps can also be used for custom cases along with images. You have to choose between two options. Photos Live Case lets you pick and print any photo, whereas, Places Live Case uses Google Maps to design a stylized version of your favorite location.

And then you can include colored overlays and cover in a matte or glossy coating. The matte coat is now available but the glossy one will be coming soon. To sweeten the deal even further, you will get live wallpapers on your phone’s home screen as well, when you download the My Live Case app.

The Photos Live Case, for instance, features a customizable picture slideshow; users determine which images to include, and how often they should advance. Opt for a Places Live Case, meanwhile, and you’ll see your current location — in the same style as your cover — changing throughout the day.

The Photos Live Case, for example, highlights customizable image slideshow. You will have to select which photos to add, and how frequently they should progress. If you decide on a Places Live Case, you’ll be able to see your current location in the same style as your cover, changing throughout the day.

Until now, the Nexus 5X, 6 and 6P owners can use the service. You will have to pay $35 for both photo and maps cases.

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