Designing your Website is never going to be easier after reading this

I think I am a bit late already writing on a topic about developing websites not only for yourself but also for others; in fact, this is a wonderful way of earning a decent sum of money by helping others who also want to have one. However, due to the advancement in technology, you can also design your own website using other websites as tools, such as WordPress and Weebly are wonderful tools for designing a website.

There are plenty of video tutorials available on Youtube that are going to guide you through this process. I have selected a highly popular one having over a million views that you can watch below.


Having your own domain name will ensure greater credibility, awareness, and professionalism if you’re planning to successfully initiate an online business. This is also a tool that preserves the copyright and trademark for your business.

However, finding an appropriate domain name that is related to your business is the most challenging goal that you must overcome if you want to succeed in the worldwide web. Keep in mind that “.com” refers to the global presence, on the other hand, “” signifies a specific country named Bangladesh.


The next task to be completed is to find the right place for exhibiting all your contents on your chosen domain address. You can either use shared hosting, which will not be able to give you much space and adequate RAM for running a website, or VPS that will give you extra space and RAM for an extra service charge.

Plenty of web hosting services are available, among which there is Digital Ocean that is:

Less complex to use
An entire metal box for storing your personal data
Amazingly feasible, some of them even start with only $5 a month!


As soon as you have purchased a domain address and already selected an appropriate hosting service, your website is ready to take off. Consequently, you can also alter the DNA entries provided by your domain address name provider’s control panel settings.

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