Discount! Discount! Discount! $100 Discount on Sports Version of Moto 360 SmartWatch in America

If you are currently living in America and passionate about Smartwatches, then here is the best money saving deal that Motorola has announced, on offer is $100 off on its sports version of the second generation Moto 360 Smartwatch from the 2nd of May in America.

In general, the Moto 360 Smartwatch’s market sale price is $300, as Motorola is offering $100 discount it simply means that you can now purchase this Smartwatch for only $200.

The important thing is that Moto 360 Sport comes in three colors, individually as Black, White, and Orange variants color but unfortunately one thing is essential to mention that the Black color Moto 360 is not included in the $100 offer Zone.

Not only Motorola but some external retailers like Amazon and B&H Photo are likewise offering the same arrangement now while just a few days ago Amazon used to sell it for $230, giving a $70 discount on the same product.

There is some more news along with this, that if you purchase a Moto 360 Smartwatch on $100 discount offer then you will also get a cleaning fabric and a $50 gift card.

There’s really no reason left not to get this thing if you are into smartwatches, clearly Motorola wants you to buy it and as such has decreased the price. Your only motivation to not buy it now could be to wait a little longer to see if Motorola reduces the prive even further!

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