Don’t bring your e-cigarette on the fleet

After a series of unfortunate events, the US Navy has decided not to allow e-cigarettes throughout the fleet. The sailors are no longer allowed to bring electronic cigarettes and vaping devices onto ships, submarines, boats, and heavy equipment as the battery-powered gadgets can explode and injure the sailors.

According to a Navy press release on Friday, this new rule “suspends the use, possession, storage, and charging of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems aboard ships, submarines, aircraft, boats, craft and heavy equipment.”


The problem is e-cigarettes run by lithium-ion batteries that can explode. As a Navy memorandum states, 15 incidents of explosion occurred between October 2015 and June 2016, resulting in either injury to Navy personnel or fire/material damage. Even, two of them include power source detonation while the e-cigarettes were in the sailors’ mouth. Aptly considering those incidents significant and unacceptable risks, the Naval Safety Center called for a full ban on the devices on Navy property.

Mariners ashore can still use their e-cigarettes within designated smoking zone while on the Navy’s’ land-based facilities. However, civilians, as well as visitors, must abide by the ban while shipped out.

US Navy isn’t the first to ban e-cigarettes. Last year, the US Department of Transportation formally banned this device for the sake of passengers’ safety.

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