DSLR cameras are too mainstream now

Moment 2.0 has introduced us to world’s very first battery case, photo case and wide lens for cinematography all combined together for providing an entirely unique iPhone experience, especially for those who have a profound interest in photography.


Moment believes that the best camera could be your iPhone 7 or 7+ that you could travel anywhere at ease, turning it into a mini DSLR camera. Currently, Moment is designing lenses for iPhone 7 and 7+ only; however, their customers are urging Moment to include more compatible devices.

Phone Arena: captured with a Moment fish eyed lens

Vigorous photography will undoubtedly reduce the battery life of your iPhone; moreover, it is not always possible to find a power socket or may forget to carry power bank for charging an iPhone while traveling. For overcoming all these smartphone charging issues, Moment’s battery case will power up your phone, while also enabling to capture as many pictures as you want.


Its battery case is equipped with a 3500mAh and 2500mAh battery power for iPhone 7+ and 7 respectively. It charges up your phone automatically also allowing you to manipulate its settings option through its app.


The app allows users to half press its shutter button for locking onto a subject and press fully for capturing photos or videos. Pressing and holding the shutter button for switching on its burst mode.


In order to prevent accidental drops, the case cover has a rough surface with its shutter button located at a spot that can be reached by even hands of any sizes. Even if you actually end up dropping your device, its light yet amazingly sturdy cover will surely protect it from harm.

If you think this is the one device you have been looking for, place your order right now and do let TTN learn about your thoughts on it.

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