Elon Musk’s futuristic traffic tunnel proves that The Boring Company isn’t boring at all

Underneath the busy road of Los Angeles, someone is planning to build a futuristic transportation tunnel. And you can easily understand who could the genius behind it, none other than Elon Musk. The tech tycoon just gave a first look of the underground tunnel he and his new venture, The Boring Company are developing.

Born out of his frustration with enormous traffic in Los Angeles, The Boring Company is currently working on solving this turmoil. Musk said to do that, his new company will likely have to develop an underground 3D network of tunnels.

From the video, we can see an automobile is lowered from regular roads into the tunnel after weaving its way to the side of a busy road and putting itself onto a futuristic metal platform that Musk calls a car “skate.”

Then the car goes into the underground where we see a network interweaving highways, which move the cars around on something looks like a magnetic railroad at speeds up to 124 mph. instead of just carrying private cars, the futuristic skate will also carry public transport, at least the video says so.

Image Credit: Business Insider

The concept is no doubt awesome, but years away from reality. However, Elon Musk just didn’t limit his idea in theory; in fact, he is working on it. He already has his hands on a boring machine called “Nannie.” Also, he and The Boring Company are developing a test track beneath the parking lot SpaceX’s Hawthorne, California, headquarters.

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