Even Bill Gates was punished for hacking a computer!

You may have heard a lot of stories about Bill Gates, like his plan to develop genetically modified mosquito, when he programmed the world’s first PC game, or why Melinda fell in love with him. The world’s richest billionaire and founder of Microsoft is a stack of surprises that never fails to amaze me. No one can deny his contribution to change the perception of a computer, from being a developer’s favorite toy to a daily necessity of the common people like us.


Interestingly, Bill Gates was known to be a hacker in the past. Most of you have already known that he hacked his school system so that he could sit with girls. But, that’s a different story. He hacked into a computer of a major company when he was 15 years old. The owner of the company was lucky enough to catch him and as a punishment, he had to give up his most favorite thing for an entire year, his computer.

Well, I actually think Bill Gates was lucky enough. Probably there wasn’t much awareness about hacking at that time; he would’ve faced a severe punishment if it was 2016. The Sydney Morning Herald originally published the story on March 17, 1986, the year when the first Windows version was launched. The story was then included in his profile.

The Bill Gates we know today is a successful billionaire who still remains on his throne. Recently, he was outperformed by another billionaire but only for few hours. He is an example of how to remain in the top. It looks like he has learned a lot from his past mistakes that help him to be a successful person in life.

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