Facebook and Twitter to Stream Live TV

According to a report, Facebook and Twitter are in a race to win the rights to stream TV programs. Both companies have spoken with some programmers about an agreement to deliver streaming TV shows on their platform.

Facebook has held converses with various TV executives. The company is investigating conceivable outcomes of making groups of channels broadcast programs. However, it’s not clear how Facebook would broadcast the shows.

The source said: “They have talked about it, but no one’s seen a demo yet.”

“All of a sudden, Facebook and Twitter are trying to get in the tent with us. They are each arguing their attributes and why aligning with then is to out our advantage.”

The sources are quoted as saying.

On the other hand, Twitter has also been attempting to convince the programmers that they can convey more youths to TV networks by simply clicking a button.

Twitter has refused to comment, however, in a statement from Facebook reads,

“Our goal with live video is to work with our partners to move to a sustainable monetization model quickly. We are not focused on acquiring the rights to conventional TV programs.”

We have already seen both companies are pushing for live streaming services at present. For instance, Facebook has a live video feature that has been made available for all users recently, and how about we do not overlook that Twitter additionally has Periscope, an app that likewise takes into account the creation of live streams. Now it will be interesting to see which company can secure a deal first.

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