Facebook at Work to launch on October 10th

Facebook at Work has been under works for a few years, soon the service will finally appear. The social network also hopes to be the most powerful in the workplace as well. The company has sent out invites for a Facebook at Work launch event that will be held in London on Monday, October 10th.

Facebook wants to simplify the communication in the workplace. With this variant, employees can view each other’s profiles and chat with each other via text, video, and voice. The set-up of the service similar to that of the regular Facebook, so there is a news feed where colleagues together can provide updates and it is possible to generate events. There’s even the option to stream live videos.


The business version may bring quite some extra money for Facebook. Companies that want to use the at Work service has to pay an amount per employee each month. What the cost will be exactly, is still unknown. Slack and Yammer a similar business model, which also provide communication options for teams.

It is the first time that Facebook lets users pay. Until now, the social network company has mostly earned through advertising and the IPO.

The profiles will be completely separated from personal Facebook profiles and the information shared by employees will only be available to people within the company.

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