Facebook brings Lifestage, a video-centric social app for the high-schoolers

If you think after Instagram Stories and Live Filters, Facebook is done with its effort to gain a younger audience, you are absolutely wrong. Instead of adding some more features to attract the teenagers, Facebook comes with a standalone, video-centric social app for the high school students. Named Lifestage, this app is the brainchild of Michael Sayman, the company’s 19-year-old product manager, who actually knows his audience.

As I say, the app is for high school students, means if you’re 21 or under, you can easily complete your profile by taking selfies and videos of your likes, dislikes, and other facial expressions. Also, it will ask the way you dance, your BFF, and much more. It will only show your profile to the kids going to your school and nearby. With more than 20 students sign up, this app will open profiles from your school. People aged 22 or over can technically still use Lifestage, but won’t be able to see other’s profile. If you don’t want some particular user to see your profile, a Tinder-like swipe will allow you block them.

Sayman says Lifestage app “looks back at the days of Facebook from 2004 and explores what can be done if we went back and turned the crank all the way forward to 2016 with video-first.” This kid started making apps when he was 13 years old and joined Facebook after Mark Zuckerberg personally invited him to join. The app is currently available only on iOS, so kids using iPhone or iPad can download this app and share their experience with high-school buddies.

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