Facebook to Include an Effective Event-Based Ridesharing Platform

A huge number of people already use Facebook to organize parties, holidays, concerts, sporting events and other happenings, and soon Facebook will add a feature that could help them arrange for how they will go to these events.

A patent application published Thursday, reveals that Facebook is planning to get into the ridesharing platform, showing how it could let people easily form carpools through its Events feature.

The company already allows its users to set up events, and coordinates maps from HERE — the previous Nokia map that was sold to a group of auto producers recently — with directions on the most proficient way to get to the event.

However, the new patent application goes a step further. For a future event, you’d possibly have the capacity to choose what mode of transport you want to take to reach there, and collaborate with other people who need to arrive at the same location.

In simple words, this could mean something like, Facebook coordinating up two individuals who need to take the train together, or it could permit somebody heading to an event to get passengers.

“Matched users are able to benefit from cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and/or social aspects of sharing transportation to the event,”

the document read.

The Ridesharing Process of Facebook

  • According to the filed patent, when someone indicates that they’re attending an event, the site would then ask them whether they are driving or not to facilitate ridesharing.
  • Facebook would then help coordinate the logistics by suggesting someone to offer a ride to friends, or request a lift if they are struggling to find a way of getting there themselves, mapping out the best route.
  • It would then look at people’s personal information, such as interests, friends, and location, to match passengers to drivers.
  • Once a group agrees to a carpool, the driver would additionally get a suggested route.
  • The proposed feature may also provide notifications to the passengers, of an estimated pick-up time, when the driver departs, when the driver picks up another passenger, when the driver is approaching, etc.
  • The system could likewise let friends organize taking public transport together.

Though filing a patent doesn’t guarantee that Facebook will actually develop this feature, Uber must keep an eye on Facebook.

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