Facebook’s Slideshow feature is coming to Android

Last June Facebook released a new feature called Slideshow on iOS. And now the feature is finally coming to Android. According to Android Police, the Slideshow feature is currently being tested on the operating software.

Before making its way to Facebook, Slideshow feature had originated company’s private photo-sharing app Moments. This feature assembles five or more photos taken in the last 24 hours into a mini video. You can then select a theme for the video clip, customize it by adding or removing some contents. Then you can give it a title along with music and share it on Facebook. However, you can’t choose your own music; the choices will be provided by Facebook.

iOS users can find the Slideshow option in their status bar (What’s on your mind?), just above the ‘tag friends’ option along with other options. For the Android users, the feature will be appearing in the same section.

As it’s on testing right now, only a small percentage of Android users are seeing it appear for the time being. Facebook didn’t confirm when the feature will be officially available to the Android users. So, if you still don’t have that feature, don’t get upset. At least, you can post a colorful status update to express your feeling.

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