Finally, iPhone 7 release date is officially confirmed for September 7

Finally, the long waiting and rumors are going to end, iPhone 7 release date is officially confirmed for September 7.

Yes, it is true, the company has started to send its biggest day of the year’s press invitation letter to its clients to celebrate the big event on the day of September 7 saying “See you on the 7th.“

Well, all around the year some rumors suggest that Apple will deduct its Plus version of iPhone this year while other suggest Apple will add a new member called iPhone 7 Pro (which has a dual camera) in its iPhone family along with its two regular members known as iPhone 7 and 7plus, but though just a week remains to open the door to see Apple’s new flagship it is still not confirmed yet that how many of iPhone 7 versions will finally be unveiled on the day of event September 7.

Furthermore, whatever iPhone 7 variant is revealed in this year, it is be guessed that we can see some particular characters on iPhone 7 versions like they will have an A10 chipset, and possibly water resistance and the Plus model will get a double back camera course of action and maybe additionally Smart Connector support. The 3.5mm headset jack will be gone from both, while their batteries may become a lot bigger.

However, you can pre-order Apple’s new flagship from September 9 according to Evan Blass who hunts for advanced mobile news, and most the availability of iPhone 7 series will on September 16. So, get ready to look forward Apple’s event of the year on September 7.

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